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Pakistan surrendered to India in '71: Rafiqul

Source: Days after a Jamaat-e-Islami lawyer’s startling statement belittling the nation’s freedom struggle, a BNP policymaker takes cue from him to claim the surrender documents from the independence war talks about the war between Pakistan and India. Read more →

Bosnia prepares for crucial poll

Source: Almost 15 years after the end of Bosnia’s bloody inter-ethnic war, the country is preparing to go to the polls in an election that is expected to further entrench bitter post-conflict divisions. Read more →

Middle East talks in limbo

Source: George Mitchell, the US Middle East envoy, has wrapped up another round of talks with Palestinian and Israeli leaders without securing to keep peace negotiations alive. The talks have been put on hold since Israel failed to extend the moratorium on settlement construction. Read more →

Ecuador calm after police unrest

Source: Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s president, has returned to work a day after troops being rescued from a hospital where he had been trapped by police officers protesting over plans to cut their benefits. Read more →

'Blackwater' gets new US contract

Source: Despite US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise to no longer award military contracts to Blackwater – the now renamed notorious security contractor – the US state department has recently awarded the company another lucrative contract. Read more →

Malaria funding 'falling short'

Source: There is a 60% global shortfall in funds for malaria control, according to a report by UK and African experts.

Researchers found only 21 out of 93 countries where malaria is common have received enough money to implement effective control measures. Read more →

Chile mine rescue 'set to begin in mid-October'

Source: Chile’s mines minister says an attempt to rescue 33 trapped miners will begin in the second half of October – earlier than previously predicted. Read more →

US medical tests in Guatemala 'crime against humanity'

Source: US testing that infected hundreds of Guatemalans with gonorrhoea and syphilis more than 60 years ago was a “crime against humanity”, Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom has said. Read more →

Train crash in central Indonesia kills at least 28

Source: A train crash near the Indonesian town of Pemalang in Central Java province has killed at least 28 people, officials say. Read more →

Big fire breaks out at market in Sadarghat: firefighters fight on

সূত্রঃA fire broke out at East Bengal Market in the capital’s Sadarghat on Friday around 8pm. Duty officer of the fire service Anisur Rahman told from the control room that five fighting units left for the spot.

Sadarghat fire

Big fire breaks out at market in Sadarghat: firefighters fight on

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