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Late night RAB raid on Dhaka house finds Rizvi

REF: A RAB officer, who declined to be quoted for this news story, said Rizvi had been picked up from a house in Baridhara at 2:45am Saturday.

The alleged statement, purportedly signed by Rizvi, was made available to press at around 5pm Friday.

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Power cut hits Khaleda ‘home’

REF: Shamsuddin Didar, a BNP media wing member, told that “there’s been no electricity since 2:37am” and claimed that it was a deliberate act by the authorities.

“They’ve cut the line,” he said.She has been staying in the house on Road 86, Gulshan-2, in the heart of Dhaka’s wealthy neighbourhood since Jan 3 midnight. The house, owned by the family of a former BNP MP, serves as the office of the BNP chairperson.

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Raqqa: ‘It is a very sad life under ISIL’

REF: A year since the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) took control of its de facto capital, Raqqa, located east of Aleppo, locals say the group is taking on the trappings of a government.


But many of those who fled the city, told Al Jazeera that locals resent the group’s meticulous control over public life, and live in a state of constant fear.


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PM questions warrant of precedence verdict

REF: Replying to a question in Parliament on Wednesday, she said: “(Judges’) giving promotions to themselves is not fair. It’s beyond ethics.”

The Appellate Division recently disposed of a writ petition on the warrant of precedence.


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Khaleda weeps as Coco’s coffin arrives

REF: Coco, sentenced by a Dhaka court to a six-year jail term for smuggling millions of taka out of the country, died last Saturday due to cardiac failure in Malaysia. He had been living in self-exile in Thailand and Malaysia since 2008.
A Malaysian Airlines flight carrying Coco’s remains, his wife, two daughters, uncle Shamim Eskandar and Khaleda’s aide Mosaddak Ali Falu on board landed at Shahjalal International Airport at around 11:30am.

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Obama’s visit to India: Rhetoric vs actions

REF: With Obama’s plane taking off from Palam Airport for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it’s time to look beyond the rhetoric. Two great countries, two great democracies, two great leaders, the security, the hospitality, the bromance, the chewing gum and the stripes.

Gum chewing faux pas?

Suit of an egomaniac?


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Coco’s body on way

REF: A BNP leader in Malaysia said wife, two daughters, uncle Shamim Eskander and senior Khaleda Zia aide Mosaddek Ali Falu were among those on the same flight to Dhaka.

The Malaysia Airlines flight left Kuala Lumpur at 8am, said Mahbub Alam Shah, the BNP activist based in that country.


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Philippine rebels blame government for deadly clash

REF: The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) armed group has said the Philippine government violated a ceasefire agreement when police special forces carried out a pre-dawn operation in rebel territory, resulted in the deaths of at least 43 police commandos.


Robert Maulana Alonto, a senior MILF leader, said in a statement to Al Jazeera on Monday that police failed to coordinate with ceasefire observers when they launched an assault in the southern island of Mindanao on Sunday.


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BNP says PM’s visit to Khaleda’s office was pretentious

REF: BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has called Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s visit to Khaleda Zia’s office to console her after the death of her youngest son “pretentious”.In a statement on Sunday, he said the party had taken her visit ‘positively’ but could realise that it was a ‘farce’ after getting the news about the lawsuit against the BNP chairperson.


The prime minister went to Khaleda’s office on Saturday evening following the news of her son Arafat Rahman Coco’s death but was turned away without an audience.
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Boko Haram launches offensive on Nigeria’s Maiduguri

REF: Boko Haram has launched a major offensive in Nigeria’s northeastern city of Maiduguri and the town of Monguno, engaging in fierce battles with the military.


Al Jazeera’s Yvonne Ndege, reporting from Abuja, the capital, said the army was claiming some success in its attempts on Sunday to stop the fall of Maidiguri, the largest city in Borno State, but local sources said that fighting was ongoing in some areas.

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