3 probe committees formed to investigate JSC, JCD debacle

Ref:In an instant action, the government formed three probe committees to dig out the causes of large-scale fails in the Junior School Certificate and Junior Dahkil Certificate examinations.

According to the results published Thursday 26.96 percent students got plucked–mostly failing to pass in Mathematics, English and Science.

The inquiry committees, formed well before announcing the results, have been asked to find out the causes behind the failure and recommend ways out of the drawbacks in the future.

In his briefing after declaration of the results, education minister Nurul Islam Nahid said the numbers of fails in English, Mathematic and Science increased at an “alarming” rate.

“This is a matter of concern and a big challenge in the education system of the country,” the education minister said, in a frank admission of the lapses.

He further noted that the number of students in science section is also on the decline.

All three committees will work to find out the causes of these and give recommendations for overcoming the setbacks.

An expert committee has also been formed to prepare recommendations for making science subjects more popular to the students, the minister informed reporters.

In JSC, on average 28.66 percent students failed while in JDC the percentage of failure is 18.97.

According to board results 37 percent of Rajshahi, 38.03 percent of Sylhet, 37.82 percent in Dinajpur, 37.55 percent of Jessore, 29.74 percent of Chittagong, 26.45 percent of Comilla 19.42 percent of Dhaka and 18.25 percent students of Barisal board failed in the examination.

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