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  1. Елена Самойленко says:

    Please publish it!The tsunami 26.12.2004 at island Phuket was caused by American climatic weapon-HAARP. In tsunami were lost 300 000!people.After this the USA took money of UNDP to help.

    The anomalous heat(in 2010) in Russia and Ukraine was also caused by HAARP. Russia lost a quarter of harvest.Haarp created a lot of tragedies in all the world,
    .Also HAARP influence by high energy at the heavens and souls of dead people,that are at the heavens.It will lead to their weakness in the posthumous condition and reincarnation weak citizens in future.
    Now influence of HAARP is continued.Than we suggest that all coutries together demand to close the HAARP and 2 analogous stations in the USA (or ask UNDP to speak about this on the session of UNDP and forbid to the USA useage of HAARP.)The USA also must pay.
    HAARP harms to the EARTH very much:
    1 It corrodes GOD by high energy(at first)
    2 It doomed to the degradation of deceasedes of all the world.In the next reincarnation these people will be1 weak-willed,2weak-spirited,3silly and 4unhappy.
    3It destroys atmosphere and ionosphere of the Earth,its ozone layer.
    4 It causes catastrophes at all the world.
    5 In this catastrophes perish people.
    6Climatic weapon changes climate of the Earth,

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