Bangladesh opposition leader Khaleda Zia’s motorcade comes under attack again

REF: BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s motorcade has come under attack in Dhaka during the city election campaign like in the past two days.

A group of youths launched the attack at Bangla Motor with batons and hockey sticks on Wednesday afternoon.
Her motorcade stopped at the traffic signal there around 5:15pm.
The assault came when it started to move on the green light.The glass on the left side of Khaleda’s Nissan SUV was broken. BNP Vice-Chairman Selima Rahman was with the party chief.

The vehicle of Khaleda’s security staff was also vandalised. Some of them were injured.All the cars of the motorcade immediately left the area through the Ruposhi Bangla intersection.

The former prime minister went to the party’s Naya Paltan headquarters afterwards.After the mayhem at Karwan Bazar on Monday, Khaleda went to campaign on Tuesday with the damaged car and her team came under attack again at Fakirapool.

Ruling Awami League supporters blocked her motorcade at Uttara last Sunday.

After softening antigovernment movement, the BNP chief has been campaigning for party-supported mayor candidates of the two city corporations in Dhaka since Saturday.

She claimed that the attack at Karwan Bazar aimed at killing her.On the other hand, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has termed the incident ‘drama’.

The BNP and Awami League have filed cases against each other over the attack at Karwan Bazar.

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