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AL reverting to 'Rakkhi Bahini culture': Moudud

Ref: Senior opposition BNP leader Moudud Ahmed has said the present Awami League-led government is using the law enforcers to suppress opposition.

He also said that the AL has again resorted to the ‘Rakkhi Bahini culture,’ just like in the past. The Jatiyo Rakkhi Bahini was a controversial political militia force formed in 1975 with a status of an elite force and was assigned to recover arms from the civilians.

AL reverting to 'Rakkhi Bahini culture': Moudud

The policymaking standing committee member also termed the government a ‘weak’ one.
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Jamaat will be banned if ’72 charter revived-Suranjit Sengupta

Ref: Awami League lawmaker Suranjit Sengupta says reverting to the original constitution of 1972 will lead to ban on the politics of Jamaat-e-Islami, the weapons and financial supplier and biggest patron of the banned Islamist outfit Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

Jamaat will be banned if '72 charter revived-Suranjit Sengupta

He also revealed that prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday urged for speedy formation of a constitutional commission to revert to the original charter of the nation.

Suranjit was speaking at a seminar titled ‘War criminal trials and banning Jamaat’s politics’ organised by Bangabandhu Academy at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity Auditorium on Friday. Read more →

Reformed watchdogs, if needed: PM

Ref: Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has said the chairmen or members will be removed and the parliamentary standing committees reconstituted if they have interests that run counter to those of the watchdogs. Read more →