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Egyptian Islamists plan big rally as referendum looms

Ref: Egyptian Islamists are planning a mass protest in Alexandria on Friday in a move likely to raise tensions on the eve of a divisive referendum that will determine the political future of the Arab world’s biggest nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood called for the rally after a violent confrontation between Islamists and the liberal, secular opposition in Egypt’s second city last week ended with a Muslim preacher besieged inside his mosque for 14 hours. Rival factions were armed with clubs, knives and swords.

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Egypt`s Mubarak out of coma, hospital says

Ref: Hosni Mubarak, the onetime Egyptian strongman who was toppled by a popular uprising in February, has regained consciousness after lapsing into a coma Sunday, a top hospital official said.

The 83-year-old ex-ruler fell into a coma around noon (6 a.m. ET), Mubarak lawyer Farid El Deeb told CNN. Hospital officials later confirmed the report.

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Egypt 'to open Rafah border permanently'

Ref: Egypt will permanently open its Rafah border crossing starting from Saturday, the country’s official news agency reported, easing a four-year blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The news agency MENA said on Wednesday that Egypt’s new military rulers had set the date for the opening of the crossing as part of efforts “to end the status of the Palestinian division and achieve national reconciliation”.
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Egypt extends Mubarak`s detention

Ref: Egypt`s public prosecutor has extended the detention of Hosni Mubarak, the ousted president, by another 15 days as investigators probe him over corruption and allegations he had ordered the killing of protesters during the uprising that ultimately unseated him.

Abdel Maguid Mahmud, the prosecutor general, “has ordered the preventative detention of former president Hosni Mubarak for 15 days that will begin when his current detention ends on May 12”, a statement from Mahmud`s office released on Tuesday said.

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Eight killed in sectarian violence in Cairo: governor

Ref: Clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Egyptian capital Cairo left eight dead and more than 100 others injured and a church was set on fire, officials said.

The two groups clashed in the northwestern district of Imbaba on Saturday after Muslims attacked the Coptic Saint Mena church to free a Christian woman they alleged was being held against her will because she wanted to convert to Islam.

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Egypt: Mubarak to be moved to Cairo military hospital

Ref: The former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, is to be moved to a military hospital in Cairo after a doctor declared him well enough to travel.

He has been in hospital in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh since falling ill during questioning about corruption allegations and protesters’ deaths.

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Egypt: Mubarak's former ruling party dissolved by court

Ref: An Egyptian court has ordered that the former ruling party of ousted President Hosni Mubarak should be dissolved.

All assets of the National Democratic Party will be seized and handed to the government, the supreme administrative court ruled.
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Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in hospital after 'heart attack'

Ref: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is in intensive care after suffering a heart attack, say state media.

He was taken ill while meeting prosecutors investigating the killing of hundreds of protesters and allegations of corruption, reports say.

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Deep divisions over Egypt's referendum

Ref: Egyptians will go to the polls on Saturday to vote on a package of constitutional amendments which, in some ways, mirrors the longtime demands of the Egyptian opposition.

The changes would make it easier for independent candidates to run for office. They would bar the president from transferring “terrorism suspects” to emergency courts, a common practice in Mubarak-era Egypt, and re-establish judicial oversight over Egypt’s fraud-riddled elections.
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Egyptians raid state police offices

Ref: Egyptian protesters have stormed several state security buildings, seizing documents and attempting to retrieve files kept on alleged human rights abuses in the country.

The 500,000-strong internal security services are accused of some of the worst human rights violations while attempting to suppress dissent against former president Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule.
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