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Report: Chinese company `hijacked` U.S. web traffic

Ref: Internet traffic from several U.S. government agency sites was briefly diverted through servers in China in April, congressional investigators reported Wednesday.

For 18 minutes, about 15 percent of all web traffic was redirected through China, including traffic to and from the sites of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, the office of the Secretary of Defense, the Senate and NASA, according to a report delivered to Congress by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.
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Typhoon Megi arrives in China

Ref: Typhoon Megi, the strongest storm to sweep through the northwest Pacific in two decades, has hit southern China, bringing torrential rains and powerful winds that prompted officials to shut down public services across the region, state media reported.

China typhon

Flood control authorities said more people would have to be evacuated from coastal Fujian province, in addition to the 160,000 already moved to safety ahead of the typhoon, the official Xinhua news agency said.
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Deadly traps miners in China

Ref: An explosion in a Chinese coal mine killed 20 and trapped more than 30 workers underground Saturday in the country`s central region, state media reported.


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China's Nobel anger as Liu Xiaobo awarded peace prize

Ref:China has angrily condemned the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

The Beijing government summoned the Norwegian ambassador in protest. It called Mr Liu a “criminal”, saying the award violated Nobel principles and could damage relations with Norway.

The Norwegian Nobel committee said Mr Liu was “the foremost symbol” of the struggle for human rights in China.

US President Barack Obama called for Mr Liu’s immediate release.

“We call on the Chinese government to release Mr Liu as soon as possible,” Mr Obama, last year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, said in a statement.

“Over the last 30 years, China has made dramatic progress in economic reform and improving the lives of its people, lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty.

“But this award reminds us that political reform has not kept pace, and that the basic human rights of every man, woman and child must be respected,” Mr Obama said

Other Western countries have also urged China to release Mr Liu.


Mr Liu, 54, was a key leader in the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

Last year he received an 11-year sentence for “inciting subversion” after drafting Charter 08 – which called for multi-party democracy and respect for human rights in China.

Announcing its 2010 peace prize in Oslo, the Nobel Foundation said: “Liu has consistently maintained that the sentence violates both China’s own constitution and fundamental human rights.”
It praised Mr Liu for his “long and non-violent struggle” and highlighted its belief in a “close connection between human rights and peace”.

The citation described him as “the foremost symbol of this wide-ranging struggle for human rights in China”.

Beijing quickly condemned the award, saying it could damage China-Norway relations.

Foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said: “Liu Xiaobo is a criminal who violated Chinese law. It’s a complete violation of the principles of the prize and an insult to the peace prize itself for the Nobel committee to award the prize to such a person.”

Later Norway said its ambassador in Beijing had been summoned to the Chinese foreign ministry.

“They wanted to officially share their… disagreement and their protest,” a Norwegian spokeswoman said.

“We emphasised that this is an independent committee and the need to continue good bilateral relations,” she added.

Growing consensus

Unlike other Nobel prizes, which are administered in Sweden, the peace prize is awarded in Oslo by a committee appointed by the Norwegian parliament.

The prize is worth 10 million Swedish crowns ($1.5m; £944,000) and will be awarded in Oslo on 10 December.

In New York, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the award to Mr Liu was “a recognition of the growing international consensus for improving human rights practices and culture around the world”.

German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said China should free him so he could attend the ceremony.

France’s Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner also welcomed the award and also called on China to release Mr Liu.

UN human rights commissioner Navi Pillay said the prize recognised a “very prominent human rights defender”.

Mr Liu’s wife, Liu Xia, said she was “so excited” by the award.

She told AFP news agency: “I want to thank everyone for supporting Liu Xiaobo. I strongly ask that the Chinese government release Liu.”

Mrs Liu said police had informed her they would take her to Mr Liu’s prison in the north-eastern province of Liaoning on Saturday so she could give him the news.

Chinese patrol boats withdraw from disputed waters: Japan

Ref: Japan on Wednesday said two Chinese fisheries patrol boats withdrew from waters near a disputed island chain that is at the centre of the worst diplomatic row in years between the Asian giants.

“The coastguard was using radar to monitor the two vessels,” a coastguard spokeswoman said. “They moved away around dawn (on Wednesday) and left the area,” she said.

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Many killed in China air crash

Ref:At least 42 people have died when a Chinese passenger plane with 96 people onboard crashed in Heilongjiang province in the country’s northeast.

Atleast 49 people were rushed to the hospital, of whom three were seriously wounded, the official Xinhua news agency said.

The Henan Airlines plane overshot the runway and caught fire when it was landing at 10:10pm local time [02:10pm GMT] on Tuesday in Lindu airport of Yichun city, Xinhua said.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Hawcett, reporting from China, said “local reports suggested that the plane broke up as it came down and passengers were thrown [out of] the two parts of the plane as it crashed.”

“There was a fire which raged for an hour and half after this crash… It was a very bad fire.”

State media said that the plane crashed about a kilometre from the runway in foggy weather.

The plane had taken off from Heilongjiang’s capital of Harbin shortly before 9:00pm [01:00pm GMT].

The aircraft was an E-190 jet manufactured by Embraer, the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate.

The last major passenger jet crash in China was in November 2004, when an China Eastern airplane plunged into a lake in northern China shortly, killing all 53 on board and two on the ground.

An MD-11 cargo plane operated by Zimbabwe-based Avient Aviation crashed during takeoff from Shanghai’s main airport last November. Three American crew members died while four others on board were injured.