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Manmohan's 'anti-India' comment startles many

Ref: Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh’s assertion that a quarter of people in Bangladesh are “anti-Indian” has raised diplomatic eyebrows in his country, according to an influential Indian daily.

Former diplomats found it intriguing, according to a report published in The Hindu on Friday. ran a report from New Delhi on the comments on Thursday.

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India: Rajasthan in `cars for sterilisation` drive

Ref: Health officials in the Indian state of Rajasthan are launching a new campaign to try reduce the high population growth in the area.

They are encouraging men and women to volunteer for sterilisation, and in return are offering a car and other prizes for those who come forward.

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26 dead as bus plunges into pond in India

Ref: A bus carrying a wedding party plunged into a large pond in India’s remote northeast, killing at least 26 people, an official said Tuesday.

The bus was crossing a wooden bridge over the pond when it gave way and fell more than 15 feet (4.5 meters) into the water below, local magistrate S.K. Roy said.

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India lauds Dhaka's security help

Ref: India has lauded Bangladesh for the “splendid cooperation” it has been extending on the security issues, particularly since late 2009.

“Dhaka has extended splendid cooperation to New Delhi to improve internal security of India. We are extremely grateful to them (Bangladesh government),” Indian home minister P Chidambaram said on Tuesday.

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CM-apparent Mamata takes only week to make it Agrees with Hasina to work for region’s good

Ref: The upcoming Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, now a Union minister, said it would take her only a week’s time to learn all the tricks as to how to run the state government.

“I will learn all the matters within seven days as to how to administer the state government,” she told banglanews Friday, beaming with the joys of a sweeping election win, and in no time laid out her plan of action for the good of West Bengal and of the region as well.

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Indian power may flow in by 2013

Ref: India hopes to start power supply to Bangladesh by 2013 as works on the transmission line is going on in full swing.

Indian finance minister Pranab Mukherjee told a group of journalists from Bangladesh on Saturday that the work to build the transmission line for power supply across the border was going on apace.

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74.12% voting in first phase of West Bengal Assembly elections

Ref: About 74.12 percent of the 97,52,000 voters exercised their franchise in 54 constituencies where polling was held Monday in the first of six phases of staggered voting in the elections to the 294-member West Bengal Legislative Assembly, says the Election Commission.

As many as 364 candidates were in the fray in the 54 constituencies spread across six North Bengal districts.

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India state goes to polls in test for Congress

Ref: The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu went to the polls on Wednesday in an election that is seen as testing the extent of public anger against the federal ruling Congress party battling a string of corruption scandals and high food prices.

Tamil Nadu, a swing state that helps give Congress a parliamentary majority, is ruled by the regional DMK party, a ruling coalition ally linked to a multi-billion dollar telecoms graft scandal that has roiled Asia’s third-largest economy.

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No more death on border BSF to use non-lethal weapons, pledges to bring down firing incidents

Ref: India yesterday announced to equip its Border Security Force (BSF) with non-lethal weapons in order to stop killing of unarmed Bangladeshis along its border.

The BSF jawans will carry the non-lethal arms in addition to the regular ones, BSF Director General Raman Srivastava said. However, he denied elaborating about non-lethal arms.
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The Muslim as BJP supporter in Gujarat

Ref: In a patronage democracy where resource distribution depends on the discretion of elected officials, it pays to stay close to the power centres in government.

Ahmadbhai Shaikh is a muezzin in a mosque in the Behrampura area of Ahmedabad. If not reciting the ‘azaan,’ he is busy helping Bharatiya Janata Party workers in his ward to campaign among members of his community.

His reason for shifting from the Congress to the BJP is “the hope that our drainage problems will be solved, after all these years.” As one who was lucky to escape the arson and looting in the city in 2002, he merely calls that a “period of misfortune.”

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