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Sites hit in massive web attack

Ref: Hundreds of thousands of websites appear to have been compromised by a massive cyber attack.

The hi-tech criminals used a well-known attack vector that exploits security loopholes on other sites to insert a link to their website.

Those visiting the criminals’ webpage were told that their machines were infected with many different viruses.

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Microsoft to Launch Windows Phone 7

Ref: Initially released ten years ago, in April 2000, Microsoft`s mobile operating system – Windows Mobile – was once a dominant force in the smartphone and handheld market.

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Nokia, Intel say MeeGo software off to good start

Ref:Top mobile phone maker Nokia and chip maker Intel said on Tuesday their software joint venture had got off to a solid start. “Take-up is really positive,” Mika Setala, director of industry alliances at Nokia, told journalists.

“The MeeGo community is active, vibrant,” said Martin Curley, head of Intel Labs Europe. Read more →

Computer blow to Europe's Goce gravity satellite

Ref:A flagship European Earth observation satellite has been struck by a second computer glitch and cannot send its science data down to the ground.

The Goce spacecraft is on a mission to make the most precise maps yet of how gravity varies across the globe. In February, a processor fault forced operators to switch the satellite over to its back-up computer system. Read more →