Dr Yunus grabbed govt share of Grameen Bank, says PM Hasina

Ref: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina alleged that Grameen Bank founder Nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus had also grabbed government share of the micro-credit bank.

Dr Yunus grabbed govt share

Dr Yunus grabbed govt share

PM Hasina

PM Hasina

She opened the Pandora’s Box at a press conference Sunday at her office as `aid anomalies` by Grameen Bank and its Nobel Peace Prize-winning founder Prof Yunus hit headlines.

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  1. Abid Bahar says:

    Poem:Yonus is not just a name
    By Abid Bahar

    Dr. Muhamed Yonus is not just a name,
    He brought for a country Bangladesh, a big fame

    Tell me who will give money without colateral to the poor ?
    Well, India gave Hasina1 billion and more, but it’s Bangladesh’s enemy at the core

    Dr. Muhamed Yonus is not just a name,
    He brought for a small country Bangladesh great fame

    He is the founder of Gramin bank
    Yonus made World’s wonder #1 in rank

    Hasina plays anti Yonus game
    ” Wrong headed” is what Hasina’s name

    Shame Hasina Shame!
    You put down our national hero and the nation’s fame

    Yonus is an educated man not a Mujibbadi cadre
    “Aktha lasher poribortey dosh ta lash feley dow” says a daughter

    Nobel laurate Dr. Mohammad Yunus is not a crook, right?
    We salute him as a Bangladeshi, he is our pride!

    Bangladeshis are upset, Hasina is not right
    Hypocrite, no wonder Pronobda is her brother, let Bangldesh nation to fight

    Fight Hasina’s Mujibbadi fascism at its height!
    Fight,fight, fight!

    Bangladeshis are angry, Dr. Muhamed Yonus is not just a name,
    He brought for a country Bangladesh, a big fame

    Shame Hasina, the shallow one, shame, shame and shame!
    Even before the inquary, you put down our national hero and the nation’s name.

  2. Abid Bahar says:

    We shouldn’t throw the billion dollar Gramin homegrown baby with bath water!
    Abid Bahar

    Micro-credit is like any other business. Research shows there are a greater number of people who had benefitted from this innovation than the few misfits. The misfits shown on the Norweigian video are a selected few meant to undermine the Bangladesh genious-Dr. Mohamed Yonus and his likes. Like in any business, borrowers take the risk of failing. The misfits are as if like anyother bankrupt small businesses borrowing money from regular banks. As business I am sure Gramin also lose lots of money to its defaulters as well. The point is we have to think in terms of free-market economy.
    To me there are several types of people who oppose the Gramin system. One, the socalled old fashion socialists,two, those people who don’t like banks collecting interest, three, the AL fascists who don’t like anything innovated in Bangladesh but imported from Mohabharat,and four, some intellectuals who blindly imitate the reactionary forces in the West.
    Dr. Yonus is with the liberal democratic forces in Bangladesh and in abroad. Gramin is not the only bank that has irregularities; banks in the West regularly violate rules and governments remind them to comply or they pay fines. Hasina as the PM’s comments were inappropriate, so was the Dhaka University Chatro League leaders.
    We must remind the Bangladesh nation that it shouldn’t throw the billion dollar homegrown baby with the bath water! What is needed by those NGO’s (BRAK, PROSHIKHON including the Gramin that employs hundred thousand of Bangladesh citizens) is to do some reform within the micro-credit system such as lowering the interest rate and accept increased tax by governments.
    Bangladeshis by now should grow and not cry wolf as if like some crying babies as the following:
    “The micro-credit system can not be a means of poverty alleviation, rather it is deeply linked to capitalism that finally helps poverty continue, they said at the publication ceremony of a book at the Jatiya Press Club.(Daily Star: Feb 24, 2007)

  3. Abid Bahar says:

    The Mystry Behind Hasina’s Anger against Dr. Yonus
    Abid Bahar

    Most people wonder why Hasina as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and before has been so vicious against a Bangladeshi who brought both the national and international fame for Bangladesh. We wonder because Dr. Yonus is not even a political rival of Hasina.

    To our knowledge Dr. Yonus began his career as an academician and has been in the banking business eversince. In contrast Hasina was never an academician nor a religious fundamentalist to condemn interest charged by bank; she was a housewife turned politician. But eversince Younus became famous Hasina has been vicious against Dr. Yonus. Research shows here are several underlying reasons behind Hasina’s deeply rooted anger against this international figure.

    Firstly, Dr Yonus’s ideas of Gramin revolution germinated during the time of Bangabandhu’s 1974 famine. Amarta Sen, the Nobel Prize winner from West Bengal called it the “men -made famine.” AL fondly calls 1972-75 period as the time of Bangabandhu’s “Golden Bengal.”It is even written in Bangladesh’s history book manufactured by the Hasina AL.
    True, Yonus’s Gramin was a reaction to the human suffering during the 1974 famine when over 300,000 people perished Yonus as a professor personally witnessed the human suffering which led him to begin an experiment in a village near Chittagong University where he finally came up with the Gramin revolution. Dr. Yonus often mentions the human suffering of the time. He never intentionally puts down Bangabadu’s “Sonar Bangla” period but often explains how he began his revolution. This no doubt, inadvertantly bleeds dieheart AL heart. Hasina as the Mujib daughter can not stand this revolution that mentions the 1974 famine but glorifies Bangladesh internationally.

    Secondly, in anectdotal form Dr Yonus at least once referred that on March 25 Bangabandhu Mujib in stead of waiting for the Pakistani army to take him to custody (some call it his voluntary surrender) could have choosen to be with the rebels to lead the nation as a rebel leader. To Dr. Yonus Mujib’s presence as a very powerful leader with the rebels could have been more helpful for the nation to be led by him at times of the nation’s supreme crisis. This is in effect a direct challenge to Mujib as the father of the nation claim. True, Mujib was an absentee leader given the title “father of the nation” by the AL is now even codified in the constitution.

    Thirdly, in anictdotal form somewhere Dr. Yonus acknowledged that President Zia’s financial grant at the crucial time of its growth helped the Gramin to take off from its infancy to its adolescence. To the AL this a bad news for the Gramin and surely a sin committed by Yonus because to the AL hero-worshippers, Zia was a “Pakistani razakar.”

    The scenerio is as if when Dr. Yonus is not with the AL he must be with the enemy. So Dr. Yonus must be a confirmed razakar too. That is why the Zia phobic Hasina even as the PM found it important that Dr. Yonus must be condemned before found guilty.

    Finally, the AL party originally founded by Mawlana Bhasani to fight for democracy but under Mujib’s leadership has eversince turned itself into a hero-worshipping party and not long ago, Mujib followers ganged up together on a staged BBC survey to name Mujib as the greatest Bengali of all times. Dr. Yonus’s international fame is a direct challenge to Mujib as the only great man. Dr. Yonus proved himself too smart. To the AL no Bengali eversince Mujib became the leader of Bangladesh should cross his fame. Dr. Yonus crosses Bangabandhu Mujib and even received a Nobel Prize. This is not tolerable, on the other hand Hasina deserves a Nobel Prize.

    To Dr. Yonus as a non political person this is as if when he has been trying to avoid Bangabandhu in every turn, the shadow of Bangabandhu appears before him. Perhaps this is the reason why even before he was proven to be guilty, the Dhaka University branch of Chatro League leaders demanded that Yonus’s Nobel Prize should be rebuked. Perhaps in this whole range of this on going rivalary has more to do with a battle between fact and fiction or to be sure Bangabandhu’s BKSAL fascism vs. free market economy.
    (Abid Bahar Ph. D. is a playwright and the author of Burma’s Missing Dots and Searching for Bhasani, now teaches in Canada)

  4. Abid Bahar says:

    Hasina Removes Everybody before she Qualifies herself to be Removed
    Hasina fights with the shadow of Zia and removed his name from airport to everyother place names. She removed Khalida by force from Khalida’s home. She removed Bhasani’s name from the Novo theatre and Bhasani Medical college (Bhasani was the man who in 1969 saved Mujib’s life.)She removed Mahmudur Rahman from Amerdesh news paper for writing against her and puts him on remand. Now she removed Dr. Yonus from Gramin Bank. Surprisingly, she appoints vandals, murder convicts or accused of murder in High Court and other appoinments. True, in all this, Hasina’s principle is “For my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law!”

    This by a woman who was once a housewife turned politician after her father’s death. Isn’t the same type of hyperactivism by Mujib and his sons, his nephews, his Mujibbadi cadres, the Rakkhi bahini, and his killing of the infant democracy by imposing BKSAL that qualified him to be removed only within 3 years of his rule? Read the Italian journalist Fallacy who interviewed Mujib to understand how Mujib’s mind worked.
    Surely Hasina’s is the continuation of the fascist spirit in the Sheikh dynesty! Unfortunately Mujib the BKSAL autocrat continues to be propagated by mostly hero-worshipping ALs as a democrat and a great leader and as the only founding father of Bangladesh; a nation that is striving to become a modern democratic country. Hasina’s is truly about “empire strikes back,” I mean the evil Sheikh dynasty empire.
    Although many ALs in his time, challenged Mujib, shamelessly, no AL dares to challenge Hasina!It seems like, Hasina first removes everyboy and annoys every quarter including the USA before she qualifies herself to be removed. We hope this time it would be peaceful.

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