EC moves to stop Khaleda’s rules ‘violation’ by using motorcade in campaign

REF: Letters carrying the directive were sent to the Dhaka North and Dhaka South City Corporation returning officers, EC Deputy Secretary Shamsul Alam told on Friday night.

Copies of the letter will also be sent to the inspector general of police,Dhaka’s deputy commissioner and police commissioner on Saturday, commission officials said.They said EC officials were asked to send a letter over the issue to the BNP chief, too.There is no bar on campaigning by the BNP chairperson as she is not holding any office of profit.

But the EC has reservations about her using motorcade hampering traffic.

Only three days are left before the city polls.

Prime Minister’s Special Envoy Hussein Muhammad Ershad has already withdrawn himself from campaign following a request from the EC.

Khaleda resumed campaign on Friday after a one-day break.

She has been campaigning since last Saturday.

On Thursday, pro-government Citizens Committee Member Secretary Golam Kuddus complained that Khaleda violated the electoral code.

The letter said breach of rules governing the election was a punishable offence. There were provisions of jail term or fine such offenders, the letter said.

“As BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia is campaigning with motorcade for the party-backed candidates for Dhaka North and Dhaka South city corporation polls, people’s movement is hampered,” it said.

“Moreover, some people of her motorcade are creating unwanted situation,” it added.

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