Foreign Ministry summons Turkey envoy

Ref: Expressing concern, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkey envoy to Dhaka Mehmet Vakur Erkul to explain the reason about why the Turkey delegation is lobbying for war criminals by misusing special visa.

Acting foreign secretary Mustafa Kamal made the explanation to Turkey envoy on Wednesday about the dissatisfaction of the government in this regard.

On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Dr Dipu Moni said it was not right to let Turkey delegate to visit International Crime Tribunal (ICT) without permission of the government as several members of the team were members of Muslim Brotherhood Party of Egypt.

The ruling Awami League lawmaker said a delegate of Turkey reached Dhaka recently through on-arrival visa and visited ICT.

Quoting media reports, the foreign minister said Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood party members were also visited the ICT with the Turkey delegate without any permission of the government.

She added: “Such activity was not appropriate without consulting with the government,” Dipu said adding that, “The foreign ministry will talk to the Egypt to investigate into the matter.”

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