Mirsarai mourns death of 44 students Nahid, Dilip visit haunted homes

Ref: Grief-stricken people of Mirsarai spent the day mourning the tragic death of 44 students in Monday’s terrible road accident as a three-day program of condolences announced by the local administration began Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid and Industries Minister Dilip Barua visited the haunted school and homes of some of the victims in Mirsarai upazila consoling the bereaved family members.

The ministers—both from the left camp of politics, and also former student leaders—wiped their eyes as they spoke to a crowd of mourners at Abu Torab High School.

“The honorable President mourns, the honorable prime minister mourns—we, the entire nation, are shocked at the tragic end of so many of our children,” both the ministers said in extending their sympathies to the families, teachers-students and the people of Mirsarai.

Mirsarai UNO Syed Kutub told banglanews, “The district administration has asked all educational institutions and government and non-governmental organizations to hoist black flag for next three days.”

The mourning programmes include wearing black badges by teachers-students, mourning meeting and milad-mahfil.

The ministers reached Abu Torab High School at about 10:30 am and talked to the bereaved family members, students, teachers and locals.

Addressing the victims’ families, Nahid further said, “The whole nation is with you. You will get all necessary assistance from government.”

He announced immediate grants of Tk 25,000 for each
of the families of the late students and Tk 5,000 for each injured one for treatment.

Industries Minister Dilip Barua also announced Tk 10,000 for each family of the dead and Tk 5,000 for each injured.

Forty-four boys were killed and 12 others wounded as a vehicle carrying them crashed into a roadside ditch near Abu Torab Bazaar at Borotakia in Mirsarai upazila Monday, in the worst accident of the kind in the country.

Witnesses said a lorry carrying around 60 students of Abu Torab High School and Mogdia Anjumannesa Primary School skidded off the road into a ditch at about 1:30pm while they were coming back after a soccer competition at the local stadium.

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