Muhith laments 'conservative' bureaucracy

Ref: Finance minister A M A Muhith has lamented the sluggish pace of changing the way bureaucrats work.Regarding the slow administrative reforms he indicated on Saturday that the bureaucrats lacked initiative and enterprise.

Finance minister A M A Muhith

Finance minister A M A Muhith

“The bureaucracy is conservative to change,” he said at the inauguration of BCS ICT World Exhibition of Saturday.

The country’s largest computer and accessories exhibition, the ‘BCS ICT World’, kicked off in the city with a colourful opening ceremony.

The four day show is organised by the Bangladesh Computer Samity at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre.

“We are yet to reach a point where we can get rid of paper documents,” said Muhith.

Finance minister also termed the land registration process as a ‘hub of corruption’.

“Land Survey is a way to create opportunity for corruption and the process to digitalise the official works in these offices has not made adequate progress.”

Muhith said that use of information technology can play an important role in the government’s anti-corruption drive.

The minister admitted that the government has failed to fully adapt e-governance.

“We are yet to adapt the e-governance in all levels of government but the government has started the process with district web portals and now IT facility has reached even in the rural areas.”

Muhith claimed that the information and communication technology has seen ‘astonishing’ achievement over last few years.

State minister for science, information and communication, Yafes Osman said that 4500 ‘IT Centres’ would be established at the union level by November.

“We have made remarkable progress in the IT sector and will take further by November.”

Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) president Mostafa Jabbar has urged the government and banks to create ‘computer-loan facility, for people of all scope of society.

The exhibition would continue until Nov 2 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre.

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