Mumbai blasts probe: Man dies after questioning

Ref: Faiz Usmani, who was questioned by Mumbai police in connection with Wednesday`s Mumbai blasts, has died in hospital. He was sent home a day after questioning.

His family alleges that Faiz died after being tortured by the police. But the preliminary medical report has confirmed that Faiz`s death was natural and that he died due to hypertension.

The report says that his blood pressure levels were very high, adding that no injury marks have been found on Faiz`s body.

The police, too, have denied the charge that Faiz was tortured during interrogation. They say he was suffering from hypertension.

“Faiz Usmani was brought for questioning yesterday. But he was not feeling well. The police themselves admitted him in the hospital. There is no question of torture as he was questioned hardly for an hour.

He was having problems of hypertension for quite a long time. He was on medicine also and he had not taken medicine for 3-4 days.

That`s what has been revealed after initial enquiry into this. But only the post-mortem report can clearly say why the death has occurred and we`ll wait for the post-mortem report,” said DCP Nisar Tamboli.

Faiz was taken to Mumbai`s Sion Hospital where he died.

Faiz is Afzal Usmani`s brother who is currently lodged in jail in connection with the Ahmedabad blasts.

Afzal Usmani is believed to be an operative on the Indian Mujahideen (IM) and was arrested in 2008 by the Mumbai Crime Branch. He had provided cars in the 2008 Gujarat serial blasts case.

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