PM questions warrant of precedence verdict

REF: Replying to a question in Parliament on Wednesday, she said: “(Judges’) giving promotions to themselves is not fair. It’s beyond ethics.”

The Appellate Division recently disposed of a writ petition on the warrant of precedence.


Several lawyers told reporters that the verdict had equalised the status of the Speaker of Parliament and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and elevated the district judges above the secretaries to the government.

The Appellate Division judges, however, instructed lawyers not to talk about the verdict until its full version was published.

Answering Jatiya Party MP Selim Uddin, the prime minister said: “There are certain rules and regulations in every sphere. Our Constitution says everyone will be at the service of the Republic. Legislature, judiciary and administration – these are the three pillars. Everything will happen in coordination among them.

“But if anyone makes any sudden announcement on one’s own without obeying the rules, it truly creates disorder,” she said.

“It surprises me, the Constitution specifies who will be in what position. It’s not fair if someone determines his or her own status and gives verdict in his or her favour. Then it becomes a partisan role.”

Hasina said court verdicts could not be pronounced ‘this way’. “If things go like this, everyone will take a chance. There will be no discipline.”

She said the Appellate Division’s decision was apparently ‘leading to an extremely chaotic situation’.

“Earlier, they (judges) raised their salaries and allowances by forming a separate commission. That created different sorts of problems. However, we sat together and managed to reach an understanding,” Hasina said.

The prime minister continued, “If the status of the district judges is similar to that of the secretaries, what will be the status of those in the High Court?

“It seems they will surpass the president someday.”

She said, “We have to consider how other countries function. Everyone will carry out their duty. The judiciary will perform its duty.”

“Everything will have to be coordinated and only then will the State be able to run properly.”

“If that space is destroyed, and if that comes from the High Court, it’s very unfortunate.”

Hasina said the law minister was holding talks over the matter. “We’re taking proper measures to resolve this problem.”

“I hope our judges will understand that it’s totally beyond ethics for any court to promote itself or make it beneficiary in any way,” she said.

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