RAJUK crossing limits “violating HC order”: realtors

Ref: Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakhya (RAJUK) is engrossed in defiant activities in the name of land-recovery drive, even in disregard of High Court orders, realtors said.

“An overenthusiastic executive magistrate of RAJUK” has led a drive to demolish the signboards of Bashundhara Riverview project located on the outskirts of the capital city, despite the fact that a High Court bench in 2007 directed the authorities not to create any hindrance to the implementation of the housing project, company officials said.

“Shahidul Alam Bhuiyan, a RAJUK magistrate, did not pay heed to the officials of the project when they came with the HC order for stopping the demolition drive,” said one of them.

During the drive, he, however, refereed to another High Court verdict in this regard. But he failed to show any copy of any such verdict as asked by the project officials.

He could neither produce any specific directive given in the said new HC verdict nor could give any clue as to whether the new verdict cancelled the previous High Court verdict.

“Such activities of RAJUK are nothing but excesses in an attempt to destroy the country’s booming private housing sector. In doing so, they don’t even dare to ignore court orders,” said one real-estate official.

RAJUK along with some “so-called” private environmental organizations are now busy “hatching conspiracy” to destroy the country’s potential housing sector, raising ‘false’ and ‘fabricated’ allegations against the private housing projects, said the protestors.

There is no denying that this sector is playing a pivotal role not only in flourishing the private housing industry but also contributing to the need of rapid urbanization process in the country.

The government recently adopted a Detailed Area Plan (DAP) for the capital city but it was finally scrapped in the wake of protest by some environmentalists.

The DAP was scrapped as part of a “blueprint” to destroy the country’s private housing sector.

Meanwhile, the local people have expressed their utter anguish over the dismantling of the billboards of Bashundhara Riverview project as they believe that the entire area, once known as a backwater area, has been developed rapidly with the establishment of business firms, shops and markets, which has created job opportunity for the unemployed youths.

“RAJUK can only destroy any such a good initiative, but it is quite unable to undertake such a project which could play a significant role in the overall development of the locality,’’ they said.

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