Sagar-Runi Murder Journos destroy evidences: MKA

Ref: Home Minister MK Alamgir on Monday blamed journalists for destroying important evidence of journo couple Sagar-Runi murder case.
He said: “People and the media personnel had rushed to the spot immediately after the incidents before law enforcing agencies including police reached. It has led to distortion of some important evidence.”

The minister informed parliament in response to a written question tabled by BNP MP Lutfur Rahman.

He also told the House that police and Detective Brach (DB) investigated the case at first. Two months later, the matter was shifted to Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) as per High Court order. RAB is now trying to identify criminals and bring them to justice, he added.

The minister also said supports from two US laboratories are being taken to ensure modern investigation in a bid to get scientific evidence of the sensational case.

On January 13, some evidences of the murder were sent abroad as per court order, he said, adding some eight suspects were arrested in this connection.

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