Sooner govt goes better for people’s relief: Jamaat

Ref: Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, the main ally of opposition BNP, Sunday said the sooner the government quits the better for alleviating people’s sufferings.

“As the government did not do a single good deed, their demand would be met only through government’s fall,” said Jamaat acting secretary-general ATM Azharul Islam at a press briefing on hartal at party’s central office at Maghbazaar in the city.

Replying to a query, he claimed that people are observing their hartal across the country “spontaneously” despite police restriction.

“The government’s urge for calling off hartal proves that the hartal is underway successfully,” he told the journalists.

He said the government is pushing the country towards confrontation. “The ruling Awami League and its associate organizations are bringing out processions against hartal and attacking pro-hartal people in different areas under police protection,” he added.

Talking about democracy, Islam alleged that the government is impeding the ‘peaceful’ hatral, a democratic right of the opposition.

“You (the ruling government) cannot foil people’s movement even by utilizing the law-enforcing agencies, including police and Rapid Action Battalion, in repressing the opposition,” warmed the stand-in secretary of the Islamic party’s whose all the top leaders are in jail, facing charges of wartime crimes of 1971.

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